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מרכז בר מצוה
בתי כנסת
מועדון בת-בר מצוה בצפת
המלצות וסיפורים מיוחדים
Центр празднования Бат/Бар-мицвы в Цфате
Centre de la Bat et Bar Mitsva à Tzfat (Safed)
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Bar Mizvah
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Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Rudrech - 2009
Rudrech - 2009
We’ll always remember Yael and Tamar’s beautiful Bat-Mitzvah !
Levi - Feb. 2011
Levi - Feb. 2011
Kaduori junior high school
Kaduori junior high school
"thank you for an amazing experience"
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
April 2011

A Bat Mitzvah Celebration in Tzfat

The Tzfat Bat\Bar-Mitzvah Center has developed a wide range of special experiences for celebrating Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for the young woman, her family, friends and other guests.

There are those, who erroneously believe that the Bat Mitzvah celebration is not significant or central to Jewish tradition, particularly in comparison to the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. In fact, this is not the case. Jewish tradition is full of meaninful content concerning the significance of the Bat Mitzvah celebration, emphasizing as it does, the importance of women and young girls in the Jewish Trdition. Our tradition emphasizes the fact that women were the first to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai, women celebrate their Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, a full year before boys and highlights the prayer and psalms of women in the Torah, e.g. the Psalm of Miriam and of Deborah, Hanna's Prayer, etc.

What Does a Bat Mitzvah Celebration in Tzfat Include?

  • An exciting and experiential Bat Mitzvah tour through the alleyways of the Old City

A fascinating tour with an emphasis on fascinating stories, visits to Tzfat's ancient synagogues, galleries containing Judaica and the works of local artists. The tour also offers a unique visit to a candle factory and the Talit weaving factory in Tzfat.

  • A visit to special artistic studios and sites

At the Talit weaving factory, visitors will experience an enjoyable hand weaving of colorful and exciting Talitot, Halah covers and scarves. At the candle factory, we will become acquainted with the world of colorful, handmade candles and the significance of light and color throughout Jewish tradition. We will also visit the workshop of a glass-blowing artist, who will demonstrate how she creates Judaic and spiritual artwork full of exciting substance, by means of blowing colored glass.

  • Meetings with calligraphers and Torah scribes

We will participate in a 'hands-on' workshop in which participants will attempt to inscribe Hebrew lettering with a feather on a parchment with special ink produced from plants using a traditional method. We will connect to this unique experience, just as if we were writing our very own Torah scroll.

  • Candle making workshop

This colorful and creative workshop enables the Bat Mitzvah celebrant and her guests to prepare hand-dipped, colorful candles. Each candle will contain its own unique colors and story as selected by the workshop's participants.

  • Queen for a Day

A workshop for women and personal empowerment, a professional 'styling' experience, matching colors, clothing, makeup and photographs conducted by a professional stylist in a uniquely Jewish manner, full of beauty, majesty and magnificence.

  • A Giving and Charitable Experience

Upon reaching Bat Mitzvah age, the young girl blossoms into a woman. This is the time to develop a social and environmental awareness. The Bat Mitzvah celebrant and her guests will have the opportunity to participate in a unique charitable, voluntary and giving activity for the benefit of the community in Tzfat.

  • The 'Bat Mitzvah' Prayer

With the Torah scroll, in the Holy Ark- An emotionally uplifting Bat Mitzvah prayer was composed specially by the staff of the Tzfat Bat Mitzvah Center. This is a highly spiritual prayer based upon Jewish tradition and the 'Ten Sfirot’ of the Kabbalah, and the ultimate Bat Mitzvah prayer experience, accompanied by a Kleizmer musician from Tzfat.

  • Kleizmer Performance

An original Tzfat Kleizmer performance - Often called 'Jewish Soul Music', professional musicians combined with dance and Bat Mitzvah stories provide excellent entertainment for the Bat Mitzvah celebrant and her guests. There is also the possibility of adding an experiential drum circle.

  • 'The Secret' Workshop at the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah -

This unique experience provides the Bat Mitzvah celebrant a chance to study the special significance of the letters of her name and date of birth through an amusing and fascinating experience. At the workshop's conclusion, the Bat Mitzvah celebrant receives a special parchment containing all of the interpretations and meanings as a special souvenir.


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