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מרכז בר מצוה
בתי כנסת
מועדון בת-בר מצוה בצפת
המלצות וסיפורים מיוחדים
Центр празднования Бат/Бар-мицвы в Цфате
Centre de la Bat et Bar Mitsva à Tzfat (Safed)
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Bar Mizvah
Bar Mizvah
About us
Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Rudrech - 2009
Rudrech - 2009
We’ll always remember Yael and Tamar’s beautiful Bat-Mitzvah !
Levi - Feb. 2011
Levi - Feb. 2011
Kaduori junior high school
Kaduori junior high school
"thank you for an amazing experience"
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
April 2011

About Us

Tzfat Kabbalah Center is the main tourist attraction in Tzfat, and the biggest event producer in the city. Our team specializes in producing family events and dynamic tourist programs, for groups from around the world, in the magical sites of Ancient Tzfat and its vicinity.

Every year we host approximately 50,000 people for programs and tourist experiences.

Our programs are conducted in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew.


Our Bat/Bar Mitzvah events & programs

Since our first year of operation, we have produced dozens of successful Bat & Bar-Mitzvah events in Tzfat and its vicinity, for families, missions, tour groups and schools from Israel and from overseas.

The success of our Bat & Bar-Mitzvah events and programs, is noticeable, as we witness a continuous growth in the numbers of events per year, as well as increase in numbers of participants and length of programs.

Our team expertise in producing the perfect event, which combines the educational aspect together with an exciting and moving event in one of the ancient Synagogues with a complete program to follow.

Our exciting programs include: study, arts & crafts, tour, music and lots of fun for the entire family.

Among our programs you’ll find:

Hosting tour groups, families and schools for a ‘Shabbaton’ – Bat/Bar-Mitzvah Shabbat Experience – a full weekend program including meals and accommodation.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremonies for families: a musical parade, conducting the event at the ancient synagogue, tours, meals and family activity.

Klezmer musical concerts with Bat/Bar-Mitzvah stories, educational ‘Treasure hunt’ game, ‘hosting communities’ programs & more.

School programs for kids and parents: hundreds of Bat/Bar Mitzvah kids together with their parents, enjoy a half/full day of exciting activities:

Meeting scribes (Sofer Stam), arts & crafts, weaving Talit, kindness & charity – Tikun Olam, storytelling, Jewish music, & more.

Our Bat & Bar-Mitzvah programs are branding and positioning Tzfat, in Israel and around the world, as the perfect location for celebrating the memorable event.

Our Center was founded by the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, under the auspices of ‘Partnership 2000’ of the Jewish Agency.

International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771
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