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מרכז בר מצוה
בתי כנסת
מועדון בת-בר מצוה בצפת
המלצות וסיפורים מיוחדים
Центр празднования Бат/Бар-мицвы в Цфате
Centre de la Bat et Bar Mitsva à Tzfat (Safed)
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Bar Mizvah
Bar Mizvah
About us
Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Moncayo Bar Mitzvah - June 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Hochelder - May 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Kenney - December 2010
Rudrech - 2009
Rudrech - 2009
We’ll always remember Yael and Tamar’s beautiful Bat-Mitzvah !
Levi - Feb. 2011
Levi - Feb. 2011
Kaduori junior high school
Kaduori junior high school
"thank you for an amazing experience"
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Sda Nechamia group, Hunukah 2011
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
Hilel School, Ramt Gan
April 2011
Abuhav Synagogue - Call us to plan your event +97246821771 office@tzfat-kabbalah.org
Abuhav Synagogue - Call us to plan your event +97246821771 office@tzfat-kabbalah.org

 The Tzfat Bat/Bar-Mitzvah Center

The Tzfat Bat/Bar-Mitzvah CenterIn recent years, this has become a real trend. An increasing number of families come from around the world to celebrate their child's Bat Bar-Mitzvah in the special locations of the ancient city of Tzfat, in the Upper Galilee. It seems nowhere else in the world offers such a uniquely suitable ambiance, content and experience for such an meaningful and unforgettable experience.

The magnificent landscapes, ancient synagogues, spiritual Jewish history that reflects from every home and alleyway, the combination of antiquity and modernism in an atmosphere of creativity and renewal, the views, the sounds and special personalities, create a perfect environment for celebrating this once in a lifetime event.

The Tzfat Bat\Bar-Mitzvah Center hosts dozens of emotionally charged Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations each year to celebrate a unique and exciting concept, particularly suitable for the backdrop of the ancient city of Tzfat.

The exciting festivities are suitable for audiences from every background and style, and are conducted in various languages.

To complete the Galilean experience, we also offer a variety of day-trips throughout the area - extreme sports, horseback, ATV treks, winery tours and other attractions in the environs of Tzfat, the Galilee, Golan Heights and the Kinneret. The Tzfat Bar/Bat Mitzvah Center can also reserve any necessary accommodations in the area for your party, in a wide range of lovely boutique hotels or B&Bs.

Following the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, we recommend a festive meal in the ancient stone homes of Tzfat with local, quality and professional catering. The area also has a number of excellent restaurants in which it is possible to conduct meals for smaller Bat\ Bar-Mitzvah groups.

Call us to plan your event +972-4-6821771


International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771



Bat Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah

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